Official RoW80 Round 2 Post

A Round of Word in 80 Days, Round 2 starts Monday!

Yeah, I know. The first quarter of the year is shot in the butt. I’ll have an overall summery of what I’ve done thus far in 2011 in a couple days. But first, time to look forward with RoW80 in mind.

During the first four weeks (aka April), I’m switching projects. While Eric does a Luck for Hire read-through, I’m going to give Divine Fire the "10% cut" edit. The purpose of the "10% cut" is to go through each scene and decide what the point of the scene is and where the tension is. And then get rid of bits that washout the tension, or add bits to accentuate the tension. Kind of like upping the contrast in a photograph. I’m also going to keep in mind what plot concerns I have with Divine Fire. This is were I have to be flexible with my goal. I might decide to write/majorly rewrite some things. That might cause my first goal to run longer than four weeks. But I’m probably just misremembering what problems I have with that novel.

Tentatively, the rest of Round 2 will be spent  back at work on Luck for Hire. I will definitely need a solid goal by the end of April. Summer and I don’t get along well, work-wise.

Also during this round, I need to do some things to get Lucinda at the Window out of the limbo she’s in. And maybe make some plans for Pas de Chat.

10 thoughts on “Official RoW80 Round 2 Post

  1. Anonymous

    Huh, is there someplace that has a taxonomy of writing steps? The “10% edit” was something that I hadn’t ever heard of, but makes lots of sense in your description. Where do you get this stuff?


    1. Katherine Nabity Post author

      I totally make it up as I go along. But it sounds pretty good, huh?

      The 10% cut came into being in Oct-Nov of last year when Eric and I were talking about what makes things boring. And in engineer/biologist-style, Eric boiled it down to a matter of edge detection. When everything is the same, it gets boring. So, in an attempt to increase the edges, I try to cut some of the “meh” details that might get in the way.

    2. Anonymous

      The 10% cut edit was designed to help Katherine place emphasis on the parts of a scene that are important by removing excessive emphasis on less important parts. She will often write her way into a scene by going on about everyday life, which gets her into what is going on. This would be fine if it didn’t turn out that the everyday life part engulfs the scene. This system makes her go back and trim that part down to be a little less prominent.

  2. Anonymous

    I admire how focused your goals are and I’m fascinated by your 10% cut rule. Do you use it as an absolute or relative rule. Here’s to your success in round two.

    1. Katherine Nabity Post author

      I try, if needed (and it’s mostly needed), to cut 10% of the word count out of a scene. The danger is that sometimes I get a little robotic with it and cut something just for the words. I need to be more mindful of the purpose.

  3. Anonymous

    Enjoy round two – I also need a bit more focus in the summer months so I’m hoping ROW80 keeps me on track.


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