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A is for Advice

My advice? Wear sunscreen. Okay, I did say that these posts were going to be writing-aspected. Fine, but you might not always like what I say.

Every day, I come across a ton of writing advice. Personally, I don’t claim to know much about process or the industry. Process is a personal thing and a mutable one. What I might have said about process five years ago is different than what I could say about process today. Sharing process can be helpful, especially if what you’re doing isn’t working well, but there is no right or wrong way of writing. The industry? All I know is that, as a writer, I know very little. All writers know very little. Everyone has their own "how I was published" story. What worked for one person, could be a disastrous strategy for another.

My only real advice is this: if you can be happy doing something other than writing, do that. Writing is a calling. It requires a great deal of hard work and faith. It’s not for everyone. Save yourself the heartache; save us from having to maneuver around you in this game of chances. There’s no shame in trying it out and deciding it’s not for you, but don’t run around half-assed believing you can be a writer if only someone will give you break and write/rewrite/edit your work for you.

Other than that, the only advice a writer needs is: Write.