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B is for Book Buying (Ideally)

If I had so much money that I didn’t have to worry about the price of things, I would absolutely partake in my ideal of book buying.

I would buy books at full-price from my local brick-and-mortar store and special order what stock they didn’t have. To support the new pool of ebook indie authors, I’d buy an ereader and not worry about their price-point or whether the file I’m licensing has DRM. I’d subscribe to all the fiction magazine I send submissions to. I would have more books than I could ever read.

Well, I already do have more books than I can ever read. Roughly, there are about 200 books in the apartment that I own, but have not read. Not counting the ebooks files on my PC. This is why I put an embargo on book buying about five years back.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of money. I pick and chose what hand-full of books I’m going to buy new every year, usually with Amazon gift certificates from Christmas and my birthday. Which means, I’m buying books discounted and on-line. I use the library, but not as much as I use Paperback Swap. Yeah, I don’t even go to my local used bookstores. I’ve become impatient with the "hunt" aspect of buying books. If I can’t find it available online, I move on to read something different.

I also can’t bring myself to buy ebooks with DRM (I’m looking at you, .azw). I believe in buying a file, not licensing it. I’m never going to own an ereader that is mainly supported by a proprietary file format. And, honestly, I have a hard time paying $0.99 for a a file, whether it’s music or text. It’s a barrier that has not been broken for me.

Could I cut back on things here and there and move closer to being an ideal book-buyer? Maybe. But, I’d likely just default to reading what I have and not acquiring anything new.