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C is for Collaboration

Or maybe C is for cheating because that’s what it feels like sometimes.

See, I’m not a complete writer.*  Pretty much all the novels I’ve written have been in collaboration with my husband, Eric. In the most simple terms, he’s plot-man and I’m detail-girl. Last year, we wrote his and hers posts on collaboration at the Luck for Hire blog that go into more detail. Let me tell you, it’s pretty nice to have someone covering your weakness. When I hear other writers struggling with plot, I feel guilty. All I have to do is talk to Eric.

But, the process is not without its cost.

My plot muscles (if I even had any) don’t get much of a workout, and I feel pretty dumb sometimes when I just. don’t. get. what should come next. I am self-conscious about sharing my own ideas. Every project has two authors to please, and sometimes communication isn’t great. And sometimes when I want a break from the stories (or complain about the demands of my writing partner), I can’t "go home" to my husband. Often when I am done-for-the-day, Eric is still slinging ideas.

Ultimately, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I know that the person closest to me cares as much about my writing as I do. I have someone who is going to push me when I need it, and someone who is going to stay in love with a project when I am not.

* It’s possible that no writer is a complete writer, but they haven’t found the right collaborator yet.