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F is for Fatigue.

More precisely, word fatigue.

Sometimes,  I don’t want to *see* another word much less write one. This goes beyond "needing to recharging the creative batteries" and is different from "oh god, I suck" malaise. I just get sort of…tired…of words.

Maybe this is how I cope with the modern age. I mean, words are everywhere! I do more typing and reading online than I do conversing. Mind you, I’m not great verbally so I really wouldn’t have it any other way, but I wonder how many words I really read in a day. This is more written language than I have ever consumed.

As a result, I withdraw. Usually for a couple of days. Maybe watch a movie or two. Play some EQ2. Go run around outside a while. If I’m lucky, word fatigue coincides with a weekend or some ultimate frisbee event. When I’m not lucky, there isn’t much that can get me back to writing until the fatigue runs its coarse.