F is for Fatigue.

More precisely, word fatigue.

Sometimes,  I don’t want to *see* another word much less write one. This goes beyond "needing to recharging the creative batteries" and is different from "oh god, I suck" malaise. I just get sort of…tired…of words.

Maybe this is how I cope with the modern age. I mean, words are everywhere! I do more typing and reading online than I do conversing. Mind you, I’m not great verbally so I really wouldn’t have it any other way, but I wonder how many words I really read in a day. This is more written language than I have ever consumed.

As a result, I withdraw. Usually for a couple of days. Maybe watch a movie or two. Play some EQ2. Go run around outside a while. If I’m lucky, word fatigue coincides with a weekend or some ultimate frisbee event. When I’m not lucky, there isn’t much that can get me back to writing until the fatigue runs its coarse.

One thought on “F is for Fatigue.

  1. Anonymous

    Fatigue … Very Fitting!

    Fitting phraseology … for F-Day.

    Linda Ann

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