Notes & G is for…

Other than RoW80 and A to Z, where am I:

The second part of Chapter 40 is up at Pas de Chat.
Posted a review-ish thing of Prospero Lost at Reading Notes.
Speaking of Reading Notes, I’m going to participate in Dewey’s Read-a-thon tomorrow. I’ll be updating all day!

This was the last week of spring league. Mario’s Magic Mushrooms ended the season with one win, but 7th seed on Thursday night. Ended up in the same pool as the team Eric’s on. Next week, we start playoffs and next Saturday will be finals. Which means I need to get more exercise lined up. We’ll probably go out to Intel disc again. I ran/hiked Tempe Butte on Monday. It was nice so that’s probably something I’ll add to my agenda until it gets too warm.

Finally, officially, moved the computers around. I now have "Oblivion" in my office space and "Continuum" shifted over to my side of the backroom (where I’ve been working since January). Eric’s new computer, "Luck," Is still sitting semi-assembled on the backroom table in troubleshooting mode. Unfortunately, the keyboard from my office space is attached to "Luck" and I have the elderly Eric-cootie ridden keyboard. I have been assured that this will be remedied in the very near future.


G is for Goals

There are two ways to set goals:

You can set a goal that will be easy to achieve. The advantage is you can guarantee yourself a victory. Satisfaction at getting a job *done*. The disadvantage is that you might not achieve as much as you can achieve.

You can set a goal that will stretch you. The advantage is that you might get more done than you thought you could. The disadvantage is that you might fail to reach your goal, even if you end up achieving more than a conservative goal. That can be disappointing. Or you can prove that you can do more than was expected of you and have to live up to higher expectations.

I know there is virtue in the latter, though I am not overly fond of that kind of goal. I developed as a schooly over-achiever. Failing to achieve a goal is painful. I’m always gaming myself, weighing how much of a compromise I can get away with. And I get complacent and happy with the small amount I get done. I need to work on this.

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