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This Hermit’s Corner of the Internet

I’ve been in vaguely depressed extreme hermit mode for the last couple of day. It happens. I’ve fallen off the "A to Z" wagon. When I barely feel the drive to get real work done, blogging not only takes a backseat but gets left at the side of the road. Not to mention I get tired of my own yammering. Quiet is good.

Today is the rest of league finals. On Thursday night, Eric’s team beat my team 15-0. We couldn’t get anything going against their zone defense. The loss (and the score) doesn’t bother me. I’m not sure I’ve ever played other than hard and (mostly) smart on any team I’ve ever been on, whether we’re in league finals or its pick-up on a Wednesday afternoon. It’s not the first bagel I’ve been handed, nor will it be the last. Today, we have two more games. I want to play hard and smart, and then have a burger and watch my friends play. Maybe Eric’s team will make it to finals.

On Friday morning, an internet kerfuffle broke out surrounding The New York Times‘ review of the new Game of Thrones series. The reviewer, female, makes some pretty ignorant comments about the nature of the series and then disses female genre fans. Apparently, women would only choose to watch Game of Thrones for the sex… Who knew that we were such pervs, huh? Anyway, SF Signal has pretty good list of response links in addition to a link to the original article. I don’t have much to say that’s already been said about the issue, but I make one observation: We need to remember that our perception is subjective. While the majority of women I know adore sci-fi and fantasy, the majority of women at large might not. We can’t go making grand statements about anything (and back them up) when we only have our anecdotal world to pull data from. Does Ms. Bellafante of NYT reflect my views? No. Should she presume that she does? In this case, no. She’s working from her own perception of the world, which is apparently filled with women who would only watch Game of Thrones for the sex.

Now, I’ve got to go shave my legs so I don’t look like a Wookie while I hold my own on the disc fields.