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League Finals & RoW 80 – April 17th Check In

So, league finals yesterday. My team, Mario’s Magic Mushrooms, played two games and finished 1-2 in our pool. I ended up playing more than I thought I would since Monika was sick and Andrea sprained her ankle a few points into the second game. Personally, I played pretty well. Best moment: During the first game, I got a D on the female captain of the other team in their end zone, ran long and caught the disc just short of our goal line, threw a nice little pass to Rob for the score. The high temperature yesterday was 95. It was a hot, overly sunny day, and honestly I’m glad I didn’t play more than two games. Eric’s team, Golden Tees, went all the way to finals. They lost by one, universe point.

Eric catching (presumably) a hammer. Photo by Quan Nguyen

RoW80 Update:

Managed a mere 26 pages of editing between Thursday and Friday, 98 for the week. That brings me up to page 250 in the manuscript. The lack of progress isn’t devastating, but it certainly ate into my lead. I can’t be a wuss this week.