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P is for Pie

"My life’s a shambles. I need pie." *

I’ve spent the majority of the last ten years working as a full-time writer without pay or promise of pay. Indeed, most of the feedback I receive regarding my work is of the negative sort. I have no medical/dental benefits, no 401K. There’s no home/office dichotomy. I can never "go home" from work. If I take a sick day, I’m still at work.

Don’t get me wrong, I *am* living my dream. But sometimes, I need pie.

Pie is very important, whether it’s literal pie or figurative pie. To me, pie is what’s needed to keep going when things get rough. It’s a break. It’s a recharge. It’s a little comfort when the week included writer’s block, an allergy attack, a rejection letter, and a broken toilet. Sometimes, sitting down and having a piece of pecan pie à la mode and coffee is the best option. And, heck, sometimes pie is going out for a run on a beautiful day, or spending the afternoon in a dark movie theater. Or picking up a  book or having a beer with friends.

When life’s shambles, don’t forget the pie.

* Between the above quote, "I like pizza. I LIKE IT!", "We’re gonna eat a dolphin! " and several others,  Multiplicity is probably my most quoted movie.