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RoW80 – April 27th Check In

Aw, I missed my 3500th journal post. Which is a pretty low post count for a ten-year-old blog-type-thing.

I’m officially out of the A to Z Challenge. I spread myself too thin this month. Sometimes, the biggest defense as a writer is to not think too much and just go with it. Too much introspection, by me at least, can be depressing. And I’ve been really hermit-y lately. I just need to chill and slim down what I have going on.

RoW80 Check In:

Finished my 10%-cut-edit of Divine Fire! Three days early, I suppose. Now, time to really look at it and decide what needs to be tweaked, rewritten, and added to. Eric’s been chomping at the bit to give it a read through too, so there’s the potential for interesting things to happen.