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May 1st Check In & TV Reviews of the Geeky Kind

Having finished my April goal on Tuesday, I kind of…uh…took the rest of the week off. Haven’t talked to Eric about what’s next, something I should have done. So, I’m currently somewhat goal-less.

Except! I need to get back on the submission horse. It’s time for the return of #10byThen and #2QueryTuesday. And…I really need to take care of a few other things. Yeah, this is the stuff that been harshing my over-all mellow. I need to cowboy up because avoiding things isn’t working either.

A couple reviews:

Watched the first episode of Game of Thrones. I was pretty excited about it after starting a Song of Fire and Ice reread via Tor and seeing the 10 minute preview. Unfortunately, I think my watching was tainted by my reading. The production value of the show is high. The actors are quality. But the whole thing isn’t as *grand* as it is in my head. The feast with the King at Winterfell? It looked too much like an evening in a tavern. At the wedding, where were the Dothraki horde? And without that grandeur, the heightened dialogue didn’t quite work for me.

My more anticipated premiere: Doctor Who. Season 6 has been much hyped. The Doctor is coming to America! A monster more scary than the Weeping Angels! Dark days ahead! As for the first headline, I assume they mean the first time an episode has been filmed in the US, because off the top of my head both the 1996 movie and the series 1 episode "Dalek" were set in the US. Are the Silence creepier than the Weeping Angels? Hmm… Maybe if the only episode to feature the Angels were "The Time of Angels" and "Flesh and Stone". But, no, the Angels were given time to be creepy all by themselves. "Blink" is an great horror television. The Silence are weighted down by so much else going on. "The Impossible Astronaut" promised a lot. "Day of the Moon" rushed through a lot. My criticism of the Steven Moffat era thus far: when using creepy things doing creepy time things just beyond perception, a little goes a long way.