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RoW80 – May 4th Check In

Monday, I worked on doing some submission-y stuff. I queried a couple places I hadn’t heard back from, tossed a short story out the door again, etc.

Eric did a marathon reading of Divine Fire on Monday.  Yesterday, we discussed what needed to be done with it. Here’s a partial list:

  • Explain the tech in more detail so this second book can reads like a first book.
  • Change the drug usage by characters.
  • Add birthday festivities.
  • Several "endgame" aspects need work.
  • Add a connecting scene.
  • Add a scene of Marie being Marie.

And luckily I have better notes than that because I’m sure I’ll look at this list in a week and say, "What? What did I mean by *that*?"

Time frame for completing these edits? The rest of this week, plus three weeks. Not "by the end of May" because we’re likely heading to Omaha toward the end of the month and nothing ever gets done in Omaha. Especially with the laptop on the fritz.