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#RoW80 – May 8th Check In

The 10%-cut edit is easy. It has a very specific purpose (accentuate the positive…) and a very specific goal (…by cutting ~10% of a scene’s word count). And it’s linear. Start on the first page; end on the last page. There are very few changes between scenes. I can whip through a 10%-cut edit with glee. Unfortunately, I finished the 10%-cut edit last week.

On Wednesday, I mentioned the partial list of "difficult" edits that need to be made. I’m not very far down that list. I’ve gotten through about the first three scenes. Honestly, those didn’t require much work.

What’s my deal? I get overwhelmed by the decisions that need to be made. Overwhelmed by the possibility of screwing something up worse than it already is. That’s stupid. I’m not writing in stone. It’s made worse because I feel that any change that I make on page one might impact page 72. Or page 310. Or just page 2. It’s not a dire as I make it.

I also have the tendency to procrastinate decisions until I *have* to make them. I have three weeks left to this part of RoW80. My brain calculates that I don’t have to panic…yet. This is not a great way to operate, and which is why bite-sized goals work better for me. Time to break down the elephantine goal.  I’m going to make an effort to get through 125 pages a week, plus writing one of the new scenes. That’s almost enough to kick my brain into gear.

I did get my submissions out this week. I wanted to get a last entry in for 52|250, and I have a few hours left, but I’m not sure my concept has gelled enough.