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#RoW80 – May 11th Check In

Headed to the library on Monday. I needed to renew my card and I, shamefully, hadn’t been there since they finished their renovations. My laptop’s screen is on the fritz, so I took an old-fashioned notebook and pen with me. Over coffee and lemon cake, I wrote the beginning of two of my additional scenes. Beginnings are half the battle. I also came home with 6 more books to read. One thing I do love about public transportation is the slow pace of it. It gives me lots of time to read while waiting.

I’m on track with my edits, as of yesterday. I suppose it’s going well enough. Yesterday was rough. I was behind, and the change in weather (or not, you never know) set off an arthritis flare up. The fatigue is the hard part. I took breaks throughout the day, set up the basics for women’s league, read a bunch, and pushed through my edits. Juggled May travel plans. Didn’t get any queries out. Something had to give.

Today. Still tired. The body is a bit creaky. Went out and played disc this morning. Sorted out some league problems. Haven’t hit the edits yet.

On Monday, I read an article about the possible correlation between depression and overgeneral memory. I’m somewhat dysphoric and, in a particularly gloomy period of my life, there are events I’ve completely forgotten. That’s troubling, especially troubling as a writer. The common saying is "write what you know." What if all you know is vague? So, I’ve started doing morning pages again, using Natalie Goldberg’s Wild Mind as a guide and trying to be as specific as possible with my exercises. I’d like this to help me with my writing and maybe help me with my mood too.