#RoW80 – May 15th Check In

Pretty much on the track I’ve set. Finished going through the first third of the manuscript which is probably only about a quarter of the work. Didn’t do as much writing on the new scenes as I probably should have. I’m at a good starting point for tomorrow. Barring any emergency, this will be my last full week of work before heading to Omaha next Tuesday.

Need to get some submissions out this week. Been reading a lot. It’s good.

5 thoughts on “#RoW80 – May 15th Check In

  1. Anonymous

    trips 🙂

    Hope you can surprise yourself with unlooked-for writing time or inspiration during your travels. Sounds like you are on a fabulous track indeed! Your hard work seems to be paying off like gangbusters – hope your week does exactly as you like!

  2. Anonymous

    Well done on your progress and thanks so much for the encouragement!

    Komal @writenonsensically


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