#RoW80 – May 18th Check In

My grandmother’s health has deteriorated rapidly in the last week and a half. I moved my trip to Omaha from next Wednesday to yesterday (Tues, 5/17). I spent Monday and Tuesday morning cleaning, packing, and generally getting my ducks in row.  (Eric was a big help in the duck organization. He called Southwest twice(!) to get our tickets straightened out. He’ll be up next week.) The rest of Tuesday was spent traveling and seeing family. I narrowly averted a suitcase catastrophe and had my first backscatter x-ray at the airport. The TSA officer still had to fondle my pony-tail to make sure I wasn’t packing heat in my frizz.

So, no writing progress since last week. I’ve brought stuff along, but the notion of getting something done is optimistic. I’d really like to get back to Luck for Hire after this Round of Words, and that should be doable since my goal is to finish this bunch of edits in two weeks and I’ll have three weeks between getting back to Tempe and the end of the round. Still, I’m antsy.

And anxious and sad and a few other things.

Have a good week of writing, folks. Make it count.

4 thoughts on “#RoW80 – May 18th Check In

  1. Anonymous

    good luck

    So sorry to hear about your Grandma. Good thoughts and good luck sent down for your use.


  2. Anonymous

    Sorry to read about your grandmother and the upheaval. But it’s good you are able to travel (ugh TSA fondlers) and do what needs to be done. You’ll come back with the experience to be stronger. Good luck.

  3. Anonymous

    I hate this part of when loved ones are ill. So much is up in the air it’s no wonder feelings go haywire. Good vibes coming your way.


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