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RoW80: May 29th Check In

Shorty-short update:

Did some research for a short story I might write for an anthology.
Did morning pages today. I intend to do them every day this week.
Also intend to get some submissions out this week. I do believe I have all the necessary documents on my flash drive.

None of these is exactly RoW80 goals. It’s not a good excuse, but I’m on other people’s computers and it’s been a really disconcerting few weeks.  Itching to finish work on Divine Fire and get back to work on Luck for Hire. I’ll get back to AZ Wednesday evening.

Catch up with other RoW80ers via Mr. Linky!


Writer, publisher. Hobbies include reading, studying magic & illusions from a historical/theoretical perspective, and playing ultimate frisbee.

2 thoughts on “RoW80: May 29th Check In

  1. Maybe these disconcerting weeks has gone viral. I’m either barely making my goals or NOT making them at all.

    Hope things smooth out for you this coming week and you write some wonderful things.

  2. Howdy. Dropping in from Kait’s and row80 update link. I’ve been working my way through Artist Way – on week 11. Have been doing morning pages almost faithfully. Seem to have fallen off the wagon this week. They are truly helpful so good luck and keep on doing them every day.


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