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RoW80: June 1st Check In

I update because it’s update day, not because there’s much to report.

Have done morning pages every day this week. Did some work on the short story. Sent Model Species out to a couple agents; bringing my submission total for May to five. There are two short story markets that have reading periods in June; it will just be a matter of getting those stories out the door.

Mantra: I have two weeks to finish up work on Divine Fire. There is a tad bit more to RoW80 than that. I’m not behind, but I’m not ahead either.

Also, sorting through Tessa’s website and in order to set up  a non-Flash version. She’s using a hosting site that helps you build uber-spiffy Flash sites…that can’t be viewed on Apple mobile products. Not a great situation for a budding entrepreneur.

Heading back to AZ today. It will be good to be back home. Somehow, I need to avoid becoming over-whelmed by things that need to be done. The trick is to keep breathing.