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Friday’s Fave Five

Where am I on the web this week? No where! It’s been a quiet week.

Instead of the usual, I think I will take part in Friday’s Fave Five.

  1. Movies – Watched two while I was in Omaha. As is our tradition, my sister and I went out to a movie. Unimpressed with the choice of current releases, we headed to the second run to see Paul. While not as good as Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz, it was funny, very geeky, and rather British despite its southwestern US setting. Also saw The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. If you’re following along at home, this is the movie Eric saw last summer when I went to see Inception. He claimed it would turn out to be the better movie. While I don’t entirely agree (I maintain that the first half of Inception is pretty darn good), The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is fun, uncomplicated, and has really good action sequences. And both movies were comedies. Laughing is good.
  2. Food – Had a good food day on Tuesday. Eric and I went to Imperial Palace Express, the last Omaha vestige of the chain. I had Princess Chicken. Not quite as spicy as it could have been, but still tasty. That evening, we went to Maria’s. We being Mom, Dad, Eric, me and…my grandpa. While I think he has eaten some Mexican food in the past, he’s not big fan. But he gamely ate a couple of Maria’s bready-shelled tacos. He might even have liked them. Bonus: My mother-in-law’s German chocolate cake. It was good on the first day. By the seventh, dense and rich.
  3. Air Planes – The flight back to AZ was uncomplicated. I love the feel of when the air plane takes off and lands, and when we encounter turbulence. It’s exhilarating. In between, I read. Just like I do in all public transportation. There are worse ways to spend a couple hours.
  4. Coffee Pots – More specifically, my uncomplicated coffee pot. Because it’s mine. Mine, at home. It makes coffee. It doesn’t make cappucino or hot chocolate or fancy 5oz coffees. It makes hot, good coffee in a large quantity. And like my hard bed, it’s mine. Mine, at home.
  5. Disc – Women’s league was last night. I hadn’t played since May 16th and had only run once while I was in Nebraska. My throws were lousy. Maybe if I would have been throwing to 6ft.+ guys with a decent ape indexes and/or good jumping ability, it wouldn’t have been so bad, but our team was short and short-handed. Half of our ladies last night had less than a year of experience and we were playing against a team of athletic college girls. We lost 15-2. Yet! Disc is better than no disc, nearly any day of the week. It was good to run and throw and be away from most things.