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RoW80 – June 8th Check In

Wrote the scene Eric and I talked about. Two days to write 700-ish words is far from blazing fast, but this is me, back on the horse with a sore bum. The scene needs an ending tweak, then I’ll insert it into the manuscript. I brought myself back up to speed on Divine Fire revisions and possibly figured a way around a pacing problem I was having. I still have two new scenes to write plus a transitional addition. And the other 220 pages of clean-up. Since my two-week deadline is pretty close to the end of this Round of Words, I’m going to work on Divine Fire, its revision and maybe its submission, until the end. And then I’ll move back to Luck for Hire. I don’t plan on taking a break. I just had a break. I have a tendency to slow down during the summer and really, I can’t afford to move slower than I already am. Third round should get me through the summer.

Among Oma’s jewelry was a bracelet of jade and silver shamrocks and this turtle charm. He doesn’t quite go with the bracelet, but there’s kind of the suggestion of  a turtle crashing and blundering through foliage in that determined way turtles have. Okay, that might be me reading into things. Neither Mom nor I remember Oma wearing it, so it was probably a QVC purchase (or set of purchases) that didn’t quite work out but didn’t get sent back either. But turtles are kind of my thing. To anthropomorphize, they’re stoic, but enthusiastic about the things they love. They are the poster animal for the forward grind, persist and prevail. They’re also seen as hermits, but ones that carry home and safety with them on their backs. I like that. I needed to be reminded of these things as I move forward through the summer and through this writing career.