Friday Summary: Reading, Disc

Two posts over at Reading Notes this week, one on Natalie Goldberg’s Wild Mind and the other about Karen Elizabeth Gordon’s Torn Wings and Faux Pas. I joined #ToBeReMo, but my number of books finished will be inflated due to my way of reading. I have the habit of working through several books at once. I was probably 75% done with Wild Mind when I signed up, and 50% done with Gordon’s book. Currently, my reading set up is like this: two hours in the morning to read twenty pages of I, Asimov, a chapter of a grammar book (probably will finish Sin and Syntax), write morning pages, and whatever is left over to read some other book (probably Moneyball by Michael Lewis or Joe Hill’s Horns). I’m on Goodreads, btw.

Unfortunately, if I don’t get writing work done, I might need to curtail my reading time.


Had a great couple of games of disc, Wednesday and yesterday. Wednesday disc made it feel like I was finally getting back to my regular routine. Didn’t play especially well (I continued to try flicks into the cross wind), but felt pretty good. I woke up yesterday to achy hands and feet. I taped up and ibuprofen-ed up and felt fine by women’s league time. I still have the frustrating tendency of looking off open women because they don’t look open to me. I’m working on that. My D was good. We won. When this teams shows up, we play pretty well. It would be nice to win next week too and have a(nother) rematch with the green team.


Been thinking about love versus fun, but I’ll write about that some other day.

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