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RoW80 – June 12th Check In

A day late.

What I got done between last Wednesday and yesterday: Added about 50 words to the scene I had written last Monday. Added it to Divine Fire. Updated page numbers in my spreadsheet. Pinpointed where the next scene new should go.

So, about a half hour of work.

I could say that I was mulling over the next new scene I need to write, which is partly the truth. I did come up with a way of structuring it that can add some other tie-in details. It’s good when a scene can do a few things instead of just one. And I’m completely talking it up. Also, the argument that invalidates "mulling" is that I was done mulling yesterday. I should have written the scene yesterday.

I could blame the disruption of my trip to Nebraska, or summer doldrums, or Eric being off for the summer, but I’d just have to call "Bullshit!" on myself. I’ve been lazy, I need to get my ass in gear.

Today is Monday. I like Mondays. I have the whole week spread out before me, beautiful and new. I have the opportunity to do better today.

Writing goals for the rest of RoW80:

  • Market scene
  • Rewrite beginning of scene following market scene
  • Propagate changes
  • Balito lead-in
  • Danielle’s party
  • Send out 5 queries/submissions (by the end of this week)