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RoW80 – June 19th Check In

My "to be done by the end of the round (Thursday)" list is becoming a "to be done by the beginning of the next round" list.

  • Market scene
  • Rewrite beginning of scene following market scene
  • Propagate changes
  • Balito lead-in
  • Danielle’s party
  • Send out 5 6 queries/submissions (by the end of this week)

Not doing much has not made me happy. One would think that that would be enough incentive to change.

Eric has threatened that, if I don’t show him two scenes by Wednesday, he’s going to require me to add a subplot to Divine Fire involving my favorite characters. The carrot: it would be fun to write about my favorite characters. The stick: adding a subplot would be a large amount of work. Don’t try to puzzle through this deal. It only makes peripheral sense to me. Sadly, as twisted as it is, it will probably work, thus reinforcing Eric’s screwy deal-making behavior. Plus, since he’s somewhat bored with what he should be doing, there’s a good chance that he’s going to come up with a devastatingly good subplot that I will really want to write. Such is the nature of our relationship.