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Women’s League 2011, Finals

Women’s league finals were last night. Sno-Balls, my team, was the considerable underdog, but the majority of our players showed up and played hard.

We traded points for a while, but the undefeated Lucky Charms took the lead and went up 6-2 or so*. Somewhere in there I threw a Callahan, effectively giving Charms a point. I cursed, cursed some more, removed myself from the game, offered some beer to sideline spectators, and by the time I reengaged, Sno-Balls had whittled the lead down to about 6-4. The points were long. We probably didn’t get started early, but at 6-4, it was already 9:20pm. The game was also pretty chippy. There were probably more foul calls in this game that there had been all season.

I believe we traded points, more or less, and Lucky Charms took half. When soft cap was called, the score was 8-6 Charms, game to 10 points. We rattled off a couple points and it was 8-8 when hard cap was called. Universe point! Pretty much the same situation as the first game of the season. We pulled to them, got a D and marched it down the field. Monika threw a score to Marnie…and there was a call about whether Marnie was in or not. Discussion ensued. It was decided that Marnie wasn’t in, no game-winning score. There were a couple more turn-overs, but eventually, Lucky Charms threw a clean score. Lucky Charms won, 9-8, taking the championship.

I had joked on the way to the fields that I didn’t want another 17 point game against Lucky Charms (referring to our 2-15 loss to them a few weeks back). Well, it was a 17 point game, a much better game, but the outcome was the same. We lost by one and, whatever the controversy regarding the last point,  I am kicking myself for throwing the Callahan. One point gave them the game.

But! It was a really fun season. Last night, we had a great group of spectators and plethora of drinks and food. It was Betsy’s last game in the Valley and I’m super glad that she and Sarah drafted me and the rest of team. Everyone on Sno-Balls played hard and had such great attitudes. That’s ultimate at its best.

*It should be noted that I have a terrible memory when it comes to ultimate (and many things). This is a rough approximation of what actually happened.


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