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Summer Habits

As happens in the summer, when I’m aching for a change of pace, I’ve created a new blog: The Taming of the Queue. The conceit: documenting my attempt to clean out my Netflix queue, with the occasional review. Now, I do not need another blog. I will probably can it within a year when I have better things to do.

Eric and I have talked about Luck for Hire. I’ll have a kinda-sorta goal-run-down RoW80 post some time later, probably Sunday. I’ve been working somewhat on Divine Fire. I mulled/procrastinated yesterday. Need to write today. Started using Duotrope on Monday. I had occasionally used it for market info, but I signed up for the tracking aspect since I’ve been subbing more short works lately.

No morning/lunch Freescale disc today, which makes me sad. ‘Course, my hands do feel like they belong to an 80-year-old today, so that might be for the best. Maybe we’ll go out to Intel disc tonight.