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2nd Quarter Summary, #RoW80 Goals

2nd Quarter Summary

The nice part about RoW80 is that it’s pretty much a quarterly challenge. I like splitting things into easy-to-manage chunks. Second quarter wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be. I’ve gotten most of the way through an edit on Divine Fire. The last quarter of the novel is still rough and I still need to write that scene, that scene I should have written in June.

On the submission end:
Submitted 9 queries to agents, received 4 rejections this quarter.
I currently have 5 short works subbed to various markets. Two rejections from that front.

Finished reading 7-8 books and a handful of short stories. Ill-advisedly started a new blog.

And this quarter has been hard on me socially. There’s been a death, a friend moving away, and another friend’s elopement. These kinds of changes are tough on a hermit.

#RoW80, Round 3, preliminary goals

I’ll be moving back to Luck for Hire.

I definitely need to give it a read-through. I’m not sure that it will need a 10% cut, but I’ll read with that in mind. Considering changing Luck’s first gambling scene. Eric also has an idea for showing the uncanny nature of Luck’s luck. Aside from those two things, I have 22 note cards with things that need to be addressed (not to mention going though my list of banned words and getting rid of them). How does that break down into daily/weekly goals? Hmm.

I am considering making a time goal. This is not something I usually do. Usually, I set a goal and a deadline and work/procrastinate toward it. But maybe a time goal with definite sub goals, like:

  • Four hours of work daily on Luck for Hire (Monday-Friday).
      During the first week:

    • writing a new version of that gambling scene
    • writing the first proof-of-concept on Eric’s idea (which might be the gambling scene, I guess)
    • reading through the first fifth of the book
  • The return of #2QueryTuesday (subbing to agents/markets at least 8 times in a month).
  • Other goals for this round/the immediate future:
    • Write new blurb for Lucinda
    • Give Lucinda a read-through and format
    • Give Pas de Chat a read-through, edit, format, write blurb

This is my preliminary plan. Ambitious! Especially for July/August, not my most productive time of the year.

One thing that strikes me as a little funny about #RoW80 lately is the unofficial motto, "A writing challenge for normal people." And I get the meaning. A Round of Words in 80 Days is the diametric* of National Novel Writing Month. For most people (myself included), writing 50K in a month requires an inordinate amount of time spent on writing. More than most people can give without shutting out much of life. RoW80 lets you set your own goal and even change it, so you don’t have give up life for writing. But for me, my RoW80 goals are actually geared toward putting "life" stuff behind writing. Writing is my life, or should be. I am maybe not the "normal" for Round of Words.

*Can I use diametric that way? Seems like it should be correct.


Writer, publisher. Hobbies include reading, studying magic & illusions from a historical/theoretical perspective, and playing ultimate frisbee.

2 thoughts on “2nd Quarter Summary, #RoW80 Goals

  1. Good luck with your goals this round! Amazing that you know in that much detail what needs to be done – I’m so vague lol!

    P.S. I love your new TAMING OF THE QUEUE blog. I have the same problem myself. I live with two people and we all use my instant account, so the recommendations are CRAZY because they reflect all three of our tastes. I’ve found so many distractions just in that!

  2. well I always thought that ‘normal’ in this context is an axknowledgement that stuff happens -life has a habit of stepping in front of the writing sometimes – normal writers have to find a way of fitting children, paid employment, college courses, births, deaths and other such in with their writing- we are social animals after all – writing is our life still, but so we don’t break in half when we have to deal with everything else there is ROW80 to hold our hand for a while!!!!!

    Heaven forbid you or I are normal – we wouldnt be writers otherwise – only madmen do this for fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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