Daily Archives: August 6, 2011

Am I back on the horse?

Yeah, eventually I’ll stop titling my posts with questions. Since I’m not posting often, no one will ever tire of the trend.

Writing: Eric and I turned off the internet for a while on Wednesday and Thursday to avoid the distraction. And it worked. I added 2500 words to Luck for Hire and we’re doing a pretty crunchy rewrite during this draft. Three days doesn’t put me back on the horse, but might put me in the stable.

Heading to San Diego tomorrow, though not under the happiest circumstances. This is not the forum for discussing why. Just reporting that it’s happening and I probably won’t get back to work until Wednesday.

Reading: War for the Oaks by Emma Bull. Enjoying it quite a bit.

And I keep meaning to post something for Tyler about A Game of Thrones. I’m re-reading along with A Read of Fire and Ice at Tor’s blog. I’ve read the first three of this series in the past and, as is not unusual for me, I kind of petered out at the fourth one. It’s not that I wasn’t enjoying the series, it’s just that I’m a slow reader and am easily distracted the multitude of other books in my world. (Yet, this doesn’t prevent me from re-reading books. Go figure.) But, an observation about A Game of Thrones this time around: Martin is very detailed with his details. Sometimes, it’s to his detriment. When a cast of thousands has been introduced, it’s hard to pick out and/or remember who is who and why they are important. Same goes for supporting details. Yes, the world is rich, but it doesn’t work well if nothing stands out. Regardless, I love the way he gleefully kills off characters.

Registration for Fall League is occurring. We’re using Google Docs. It took some doing to set up, but not we’re on autopilot.

I’ve crocheted a scarf, a little bag (for my electronics’ power cords), a big bag (for socks), fingerless gloves, a purse thing (for my crochet hooks, scissors, and tapestry needles) and a couple of snug bands that fit around my knuckles. I’m inordinately excited to hit the yarn sale at Michaels this week.

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