I’m only mostly dead.

Arthritis stole my Thursday.

About one day out of twenty, I have a really bad flare-up. No individual pain is unbearable, but when most of my joints hurt on a low level, it’s tiring. It’s effort to remain upright, and that’s after a goodly dose of ibuprofen. Yesterday was one of those days. I spent it alternately sleeping, playing EQ2 (yesterday was a game update day), and reading Ted Chiang’s novella The Lifecycle of Software Objects (Hugo award winner, don’tcha know).

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday were okay work days. Eric and I are adding the onion layers to Luck for Hire. It’s good, though it’s the kind of work I hate.

Fall league is mostly set up. There was a rash of players who didn’t realize they needed to play a specific day or forgot to mention it on their registrations. As a result, Paul and Keith spent the week brokering trades. I still need to post the final team update and work out the crossover games. On the scheduling end, it’s nice to not have similar colored teams play each other on the crossovers. The teams have made this tough by choosing a mostly blue and dark red palette. Team-wise, Eric and I were picked on the same team by Chris and Sarah, both of whom I’ve played with before. Sarah on many occasions. This is the year I play with Monika too, apparently. Monika picked me in spring league and Sarah picked us both in women’s league. On the men’s side, we have ‘Cisco, Jeff from Weds disc, Ray, “Hammer” Nate from Intel disc, James, and a couple of guys that Eric’s more familiar with that are fast. I predict a bit of hucking.

Where else am I?

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