The Heaven, Hell, and 2 Ducks Reading Challenge

I’m going to resist the urge to join more challenges (including the very tempting Telling Tales Challenge) because I do have a couple other things in mind for 2012.

  • I’d like to average a short story a week and a poem a week. That’s not so much is it?
  • I’ve won four books in my lifetime and I haven’t read any of them! One of them, Heidegger’s Glasses by Thaisa Frank, is on my Mixing It Up list already. Obviously, Arthur Rimbaud’s Illuminations can do double duty as well in the poetry category. Likewise, Black Light by Patrick Melton, et. al., and Decent by Jeff Long can do in the horror category.
  • Honestly, the Mixing It Up Challenge shouldn’t be too hard for me. I already read from plenty of different genres, but I realized that I’ve never read a Western. I’ve read some prairie literature and histories. I’ve read No Country for Old Men, which could arguably be called a modern Western, but no actual Old West Westerns. I’m adding that as my own Mixing It Up category.
  • And lastly, my own challenge:

I know four jokes well enough that I can tell them without much thought. One involves Heaven, one involves Hell, and the other two include ducks.  Yep. That’s it. I created a graphic for a challenge that involves four books.

  • Heaven: (TBD – I’ve unfortunately already read Peter Stanford’s Heaven.)
  • Hell:To Reign in Hell by Steven Burst (Though this one might actually be my heaven book. It remains to be seen.)
  • Duck:Moby Duck: The True Story of 28,800 Bath Toys Lost at Sea… by Donovan Hohn
  • Duck: (TBD – This is where the challenge comes in.)

If anyone wants to join me in my slightly random, slightly absurd challenge, leave a comment.


2 thoughts on “The Heaven, Hell, and 2 Ducks Reading Challenge

    1. Hmm, yeah. My reading history *is* devoid of gay master/slave porn-lit, with avian shapeshifters no less! I’m not sure if I’d want to spend $15 on it though. Neither the Tempe Public Library or PaperbackSwap carry it.

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