#Readathon Wrap-Up and Book No. 8

Read-a-thon Wrap-Up

The Spring 2012 Read-a-thon was pretty much a bust for me. Hungover on 3 hours of sleep is not the best way to go into 24 hours of reading. Plus, a friend of ours has been a little worse for wear and, well, I’m the healer of our EQ2 group. I ended up gaming during the afternoon and evening. When we called it a night at 11pm, all I wanted was sleep. Continuing to read did not sound like fun at all.

I did finish one short book, a novelette, a few chapters of A Clash of Kings, and a bit of poetry. About 180 pages in all.

Book #8 – Heaven by Mur Lafferty

Heaven is book one of Mur Lafferty’s Afterlife Series.  I like stories that play around with theology. The initial premise of the Afterlife Series is that everyone has their personal heaven. And every religion has their own personal corner of the afterlife. Kate and Daniel, our two protagonists, become disenchanted with the usual concept of Christian heaven and take to the road, visiting other theologies and having adventures. And I really liked the first half of the book.

This series started its life as a podiobook serial with, I believe, a chapter or so being published in audio form every week or so as a “season.” As such, the plot has an episodic feel to it and a somewhat rough progression. The ending is very rushed, especially considering the leisurely early chapters, with quite a bit of exposition. It probably would have been better as a 230 page book instead of a 130 page book.

Halfway through the book, Lafferty changes from the first person POV of Kate to the first person POV of Daniel. Unfortunately, the character’s voices aren’t quite different enough to not be confusing. There is some necessity to the change, but it still doesn’t work particularly well.

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