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Book #10* & Bout of Books Update

Bout of Books Read-a-Thon

Bout of Book Update & Observations

I’m pretty happy with how Bout of Books is going, reading-wise. I’ve read three novellas and a anthology of short stories, about 380 pages altogether. For a slow reader like me, I’m happy with that.  But, I should be writing more. I’m probably going to go “off list” and read a few things I checked out from the digital library. (“Read a few” is probably a gross overstatement.)

Which brings me to my first observation: Since yesterday I’ve seen tweets about “failing” Bout of Books. Failing? Really? A.) It ain’t even over yet! There’s plenty of time to get more reading done. B.) Why the consternation over something fun? If you’ve read one word more than you might have this week, that’s a total win.

Second observation: What a cool world we live in.  Someone can ask for a recommendation, get one, and have the opportunity (in many cases) to  immediately download the book. It’s a continuous reading experience. How is that not awesome?

The Two Sams: Ghost Stories by Glen Hirshberg

Hirshberg tells ghost stories like I like to hear ghost stories.

Each tale moves inevitably forward, from the normal to the strange, with Orphean clauses strongly intact. Don’t look back to see the thing rustling behind you! Hirshberg excels at aural details. You hear the environment he creates. Each story, with the exception of the title story, have very definite settings. The Pacific northwest. Hawaii. The New Mexico desert. And, my favorite, the prairies of eastern Montana.

This is a really cohesive collection of five stories. All five involve teachers and certain threads of detail weave from one story to the next. I didn’t expect them to be quite so homogenous (and similar in feel to “The Muldoon” from the People of the Book anthology), so I’m left wondering if all Hirshberg’s stories are like this. Regardless, I’ll probably read another of his books when I can.

In light of my comment above about downloading books (viola!), I ordered this paperback via Paperback Swap. After waiting the requisite amount of time for it to reach me, it was eventually marked “Lost.” I was surprised when it arrived Saturday via the US Postal’s Mail Recovery Center. The sender had addressed it to me, Apt #4, Tempe, AZ. No street address. Luckily, my married name is pretty singular and the post office was able to get it to me.

* I’ll write a review for book #9 after Bout of Books.