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Book #9*

Bad Luck Officer by Suzie Ivy

At the age of 45 Suzie Ivy survived the police academy. Now she needs to learn the lessons that only working as a cop on the streets can teach her. She is the first female officer in Small Town, Arizona and the town has some adjustments to make as well.

One of the problems I have with social media and the internet now-a-days is that I often don’t remember where I “meet” people. For instance, I don’t remember how I came to read Suzie Ivy’s blog. I’m pretty sure it was due to Twitter, but I don’t remember the exact chain of connections. I started reading sometime in 2010 or 2011, when Suzie was posting about her experiences at the police academy. The first ten of those posts are still online. Those and the rest have been collected in Bad Luck Cadet. Obviously, if I had read that far, I was going to enjoy Bad Luck Officer (and I’m looking forward to Bad Luck Detective).

Bad Luck Officer is new content. On one hand, that’s a great thing. On the other, I missed rereading my favorite posts of last year. No, I’m not really complaining. And if you clicked over to read that anecdote, you’ll have tasted the humor and compassion that are part of Suzie Ivy’s policing and writing style. Recently, a literary agent on some other blog commented that the intrinsic part of a memoir was that the person writing it had to have done something. I’m sure there are other small town cop memoirs, female cop memoirs, mid-life crisis memoirs. I’m not a connoisseur of these genres, but I’m going to venture that none of them quite combine these aspects so wonderfully.

From a writer’s perspective, write-what-you-know often defaults to write-what-you’ve-seen-on-TV. It’s great to get some non-glamorous inside dish on what police work is really like. If nothing else, check out the CSI rant.

These books are self-published, through Smashwords, Amazon, etc. There were a few funkinesses of punctuation and format, but otherwise, the book was clean and quality.

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*I had skipped reviewing Book #9 due to a Bout of Books.