Spring Reading Thing Wrap-Up

Did you finish reading all the books on your spring reading list? If not, why not?

I did not finish all the books on my initial list, but I did pretty well regardless.

I kept up with the Clash of Kings read-along as well as my weekly short story and weekly poem goals. I did indeed finish People of the Book: A Decade of Jewish Science Fiction and, with the help of the Bout of Book read-a-thon, read all of the available Nebula nominated short stories, novelettes, and *novellas*. Thus far, I’ve only read one story from the Millhauser collection. His writing hasn’t clicked with me.

From my list, I  read:

  • Bad Luck Officer by Suzie Ivy
  • Heaven – The Afterlife Series I  by Mur Lafferty
  • Chocolate & Vicodin by Jennette Fulda
  • Through Darkest America – Extended Version by Neal Barrett, Jr. (Still in progress)

I didn’t get to The Italian Secretary by Caleb Carr and I gave up on Moby Duck: The True Story of 28,800 Bath Toys Lost at Sea… by Donovan Hohn.

Did you stick to your original goals or did you change your list as you went along?

I’m a magpie when it comes to reading. Any shiny thing sets me off in another direction.  Books that I read that weren’t on my list:

  • The Two Sams by Glen Hirshberg
  • The Woman in Black by Susan Hill
  • The Pirates!: And Adverture with Scientists by Gideon Defoe
  • Asgard Stories: Tales from Norse Mythology by Mary H. Foster & Mabel H. Cummings
  • The Snowman’s Children by Glen Hirshberg

What was your favorite book that you read this spring? Least favorite? Why?

One of those shiny things that distracted me was the short story “The Muldoon” by Glen Hirshberg from The People of the Book anthology. It is the creepiest thing I have read in a long time and it set off a Hirshberg binge. My favorite book of spring was The Two Sams, an anthology of his short stories. Since I didn’t finish Moby Duck, it is obviously my least favorite. I really wanted it to be more science and less travel log.

Did you discover a new author or genre this spring? Did you love them? Not love them?

Of the distinct authors I read, Donovan Hohn, Susan Hill, Gideon Defoe, Mary H. Foster & Mabel H. Cummings, and Glen Hirshberg were all new to me. Glen Hirshberg is the only one I’m utterly taken with. It was also good to get back to some subtle horror.

Did you learn something new because of Spring Reading Thing 2012 – something about reading, about yourself, or about a topic you read about?

SRT 2012 reiterated that I don’t do too well with reading lists, but I shouldn’t beat myself up about it. If I just go with the flow, I get more reading done. I’m also pleased to find that I can still really like a specific author. It’s been a while since I’ve wanted to consume everything written by a particular author. It’s hard to do sometimes as a writer. Ego and the critical eye both get in the way.

What was your favorite thing about the challenge?

Even though it’s been a decade since I moved from Nebraska to Arizona, I still like things that delineate seasons. Spring Reading Thing girds me for the long summer to come.

5 thoughts on “Spring Reading Thing Wrap-Up

  1. Katrina @ Callapidder Days

    I completely agree that you shouldn’t beat yourself up! You got in a lot of reading this spring, and that’s fantastic! And I completely relate about intriguing, non-list books being very enticing distractions! 🙂 Thanks for being part of SRT ’12!


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