Book # 16

A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin

As I said to quite a few people while reading this book, Martin lulls you with a thousand tiny little details and then STUFF HAPPENS! That makes for an interesting reading experience if you make it through the heraldry and genealogy.

One thing that I really like about Martin is his use of oblique storytelling. Not every battle and council meeting is shown. Instead, Martin opts for sometimes showing the aftermath only, using his characters to relate what happened, usually in conversations with other characters. This is a good thing for the TV show. Battles are expensive to film. (Unfortunately, I think the HBO show has resorted to conveying information from character to character before, during, and/or after a sex act…)

Unfortunately, I remember why I kinda lost interest in the series during the third book. I’m not quite a fan of where many of the characters ended up at the end of A Clash of Kings. I’m going to continue reading the series, but we’ll see if A Storm of Swords can pull me along this time and toss me into A Feast of Crows.

Notes on A Game of Thrones

Format: Hardback
Procurement: Purchased, most likely, at Bookmans
Bookmark: “Go on Adventures” corner bookmark that I made from an old birthday card.

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