Book #17

From the Dust Returned by Ray Bradbury

So, I’ve been combing through my old LiveJournal entries for book notes/reviews to import into this blog* and I came across this from July 22, 2002:

…finished reading A Clash of Kings. Now that I’ve finished Kings, I need a rest from the intensity of that story. I’m reading From the Dust Returned now. Not the Bradbury that I bought Friday, but a few months ago. A definite change of pace.

Two days later:

Finished From the Dust Returned. A yummy little morsel it was. Creepy in that delicious Halloween way. And it has left me wanting more. More reading that is. I’m in a reading jag. Devouring books.

I seem to be subconsciously reliving the summer of 2002…

I agree with my past self. From the Dust Returned is a yummy morsel. Not really Bradbury at his best, but it’s full of autumnal creepiness which is how I best like Ray Bradbury. From the Dust Returned goes around this the suffix “A Novel” on its front cover. In this case, I can understand why. Bradbury is fairly well known for his short stories and From the Dust Returned reads more like a collection of somewhat related stories and vignettes than a true narratively structured novel. Really, I think it would have worked better if Bradbury hadn’t worried about providing some of this novel’s connective tissues.

The writing is, of course, gorgeous. Bradbury strings words together with a daring and grace that I envy and could never, never pull off.

*If I could go back in time and tell myself one thing it would be, “Tags are not some passing fad. Tag things!”

Format: Hardback
Procurement: Bought new in 2001, First Edition
Bookmark: The dust cover.

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