Book #20

Three-Ten to Yuma and Other Stories by Elmore Leonard

This is a collection of Elmore Leonard’s Western short stories, including the rather famous “Three-Ten to Yuma.” Well, it’s more like six short stories and a novella, and “Three-Ten to Yuma” is in that previous category. I was surprised at how succinct that story is.

My liking for Leonard only increases. He tells stories with an economy words, but doesn’t sacrifice detail. His action scenes are clean and understandable. I really need to purchase one of his books and take a good long look at what he does and break it down. I also really like how Leonard starts his stories. He backs into them via secondary character, but transitions focus quickly and gracefully to the main character. This gives even a short story the feeling of being set in a populated universe.

Again, the one flaw I find with Leonard is that his characters seem rather theatrical in the way they act. Not melodramatic, per se, but heightened. I don’t mind it as much in his Westerns, but I think it’s a problem in his modern novels. Happily, these were Westerns.

Format: Kindle Cloud
Procurement: Greater Phoenix Digital Library

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