Friday Free-for-All (07/13/12)

Friday Free-for-All: A collection of links about writing/reading/other stuff that I encountered during the week.

Used Book Simulation
From You’re All Just Jealous of My Jetpack by Tom Gauld

Kait Nolan on when contemporary romance isn’t “contemporary”. Something similar occurred to me when I was writing a Throwback Thursday about 84, Charing Cross Road, set just after WWII and into the 1960s. That world is almost as foreign as Dickens’ England. I’m one of the few that still doesn’t own a cell phone, but am writing a book set in 2012. I don’t get cell phone culture, but I’m trying.

On the heels of my grumpy YA dystopia post I stumbled across Anderson O’Donnell on Reclaiming Dystopian Fiction. I think the crux is this: Dystopian fiction used to be cautionary tales where current situations were played out in the worst possible way. Current dystopian fiction is closer to a semi-gritty fantasy world with technology standing in for magic.

From the category of “writing is like everything,” A man, a ball, a hoop, a bench (and an alleged thread)…Teller! This struck a chord with me because it talks about the nature of partnerships, the value of dedication and re-evaluation, and the beauty of knowing how the trick is done.

And last a little Free-Fiction-for-All:


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