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Friday Free-for-All (08/03/12)

Friday Free-for-All: A collection of links about writing/reading/stuff that I encountered during the week.

 by Anna and Elena Balbusso

Tor’s Picturing Books is a feast for a book lover’s eyes. Books do seem to have a quality of movement and character (without being anthropomorphized) that may be lacking in art featuring electronic reading devices.


Press Play features a video essay about TMNT, Ninja Turtles: Generation Y in a Half Shell. I would contend though that they’re not really talking about generation Y as a whole but the years that straddle Gen X and Gen Y. Gen X is the latchkey generation while Gen Y has been more doted on as children. True, TMNT lacks the gung-ho optimism of GI Joe, but to some degree one is an answer to the other.


On the heels of an article about another former Twilight fanfic being purchased (for seven figures!), I briefly got sucked into discussion of why Twific is different than other fanfic. From Anne Jamison’s blog about her 2010 course on Pop Culture Theory:

How many different Edwards and Bellas could you read or write about? Why are you using a story about annoyingly chaste teenagers to write erotica about damaged adults? Why are your characters still Edward and Bella if Edward is a tattoo artist or a high school principal or just high? If you’re publishing online for free, why are you erecting the same hierarchical structures I see in the publishing world? In a non-profit world, why are you advertising all these products in your fics? Why are MFAs writing Edwards and Bellas alongside tweens who don’t know sentences need verbs?

While I’ve read a share of fic from different fandoms, it does seem rather puzzling. What’s the point of having characters be certain characters if they’re not those characters? Is it shorthand for characteristics? Color me fifty shades of befuddled.

Read this Week:

Lovely, evocative story by Ken Lui at Electric Velocipede, “Cutting”.