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FrightFall Readathon 2012

Hosted by Michelle @ The True Book Addict and Castle Macabre

A week long fest of scary reading (well, at least one scary book anyway).  All you have to do to participate is read at least one horror/scary book.  For the faint-hearted among you, it can be a spooky mystery, a scary thriller, or something classically gothic.

I have to say, I’ve been looking forward to this readathon for a while. To be exact, since Aug. 26th when Michelle posted the initial sign-up. September was looong.

Book List

I should be reading The Last Greatest Magician in the World or Carter Beats the Devil, but they don’t seem “horror” enough for this event. Instead, I have a fat novel that I’m finishing up, an anthology, and two collections. I’m somehow burying myself in short stories. There are worse ways to die…

  • Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Linqvist – The fat novel, I’m starting on pg. 118.
  • Every House is Haunted by Ian Rogers – Collection #1, an ARC
  • Dark Waters by Koji Suzuki – Collection #2
  • Two and Twenty Dark Tales,  Georgia McBride (editor), Michelle Zink (editor) – The anthology. Also an ARC
  • The Descent by Jeff Long – The backup novel. Just in case.

To participate, state your goals between now and Friday, 11:59pm CST and link up! You can also follow the fun on Twitter, #FrightFall


Pages Read Today: 30
Book: Every House is Haunted, to pg. 30
Total Pages Read: 30
Notes: Spent much of the day talking with Eric about stuff. Only slept 3:40. Promised myself I’d get a goodly amount of editing done on Luck for Hire.

Pages Read Today: 47
Book: Every House is Haunted, pg. 31-61; Let the Right One In, pg. 118-135
Total Pages Read: 77
Notes: Started Two and Twenty Dark Tales, but found the font utterly distracting. Maybe I’m just old and cranky, but there are too many books to read to waste time squinting at a non-standard font.

Pages Read Today: 43
Book: Read “Snicker-Snack” by A.D. Bloom ~6 pages, Let the Right One In, pg. 135-172
Total Pages Read: 120
Notes: Back was hurting something fierce which made me tired all day. Spent the evening getting a submission package ready for one novel and rewriting a scene of another.

Pages Read Today: 32
Book: Every House is Haunted, pg. 62-94
Total Pages Read: 152
Notes: Preparing two different manuscripts for submission. It’s a bit of work.

Pages Read Today: 20
Book: Every House is Haunted, pg. 95-107, Let the Right One In, pg. 172-180
Total Pages Read: 172
Notes: Lined a couple of fields for a frisbee tournament, had long talk with husband about career.

Pages Read Today: 118
Book: Every House is Haunted, pg. 108-195, Let the Right One In, pg. 181-212
Total Pages Read: 298
Notes: Got some reading done, but I wasn’t very perky due to my joints being mean to me.

Pages Read Today: 96
Book:Let the Right One In, pg. 212-308
Total Pages Read: 394
Notes: Had to take an unplanned trip to Nebraska. Read on the plane.