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Friday Free-for-All: Challenges!

Readathons! Blog Carnivals! Challenges!

The first FrightFall challenge is hosted by Nova at My Seryniti.

You’re sitting by a campfire with some friends. The wind is blowing and the air is just getting that crisp feeling. The beach is just a few feet in front of you and you can hear the surf crashing upon the shore.

Now… answer these questions.

  • Who would you want warming you up?! (Fictional characters please!!) Phouka from Emma Bull’s War for the Oaks. He’d be totally enthusiastic about this evening, have great stories to tell, and is kinda cute.
  • What are you listening to? (Music or a story) The Lost Boys soundtrack and other 80s pop and goth.
  • What snacks would you have? Puppy Chow! And Pumpkin Porter to drink.
  • We know you brought a book, which one is it!? Dante’s Inferno
  • It’s your turn to tell a spooky story, which one is it going to be? I’d spin a yarn about zombie ant fungus taking over the world!

And just for fun but not part of the challenge…

  • Do you celebrate Halloween? Yes, to a greater or lesser extent depending on the year.
  • What’s your fav horror story? The Haunting of Hell House by Shirley Jackson
  • Fav type of villain? (Vamp, zombie, etc) Ghosts.
  • Fav horror movie? Candyman SawThe HauntingPsycho, American Werewolf in London
  • Fav bad guy! Freddy Kreuger
  • Halloween costume you plan on wearing (or would) this year. Haven’t given it any thought.

The second challenge is hosted by Melissa at Must Read Faster.

My mission for you is to find the creepiest picture, video, or story and link it here or the link to your post if you post on your website.

Man, the web is full of freaky. I could probably spend now until Halloween surfing TV Trope’s Nightmare Fuel and never hit the end of it. The uncanny unnerves me, so I’m going to go safe, but still creepy.

I remember when the “Hush” episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer first aired. The Gentlemen were far scarier than any previous villain in the Buffy-verse. There a little Slender Man in this bad guy and a ton of freaky.

Week 1 Bloggers Dressed in Blood Challenge: Hosted by Kim at On The Wings Of Books

I’d like you to tell me the best lesson you’ve learned from a horror book or movie and which book or movie you learned it from.

Your best chance at survival in most horror movie situations is to visit the library. Seriously, how much time does Buffy the Vampire Slayer spend in the library? How many times has the secret to unlocking a haunting been found in a musty book in the house’s well-stocked bookshelves? And by library I don’t mean just books. With the internet and wireless technology, IMDB and Wikipedia are just a few finger swipes away when you need that reference to an urban legend that will save your skin. Knowing, my friends, is half the battle.