NaNoWriMo 2012 – Friday Report #1

So. NaNoWriMo.

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been in the position to start a new project in November. This project began as a remark made by Eric. I don’t remember exactly what the remark was, but it was along the lines of “David P. Abbott, the early 20th century Omaha magician, as private investigator.” The idea immediately caught with me. The project is currently tentatively titled One Ahead. I like One Ahead Without Leaving the Parlor, but that’s an entirely too long title and somewhat misleading.  While Abbott was known for only performing magic for his guests in his parlor, he’s obviously going to leave his home to fight corruption, crime, and deception.

I have the general outline of what story I’m going to tell and an idea for the first half-dozen scenes. Writing went well yesterday with a midnight start. I figure I’m going to have three days this month when I’m not going to get much or any writing done*; my daily word goal is 1852. The first third of a book is always the easiest bit, and I’m going to shoot for 2000 words/day for the first week. I did have to stop to do a little research. While I’m going to be a little fast and loose with factual details during this draft, I want to be in the ballpark. Subject of research? Restaurants and lunch counters in 1900 Omaha.

Nothing done yet today. Last night was league. Mike’s Hard Lemonades go down easy. It was an “early” night for me. This morning was spent setting up league finals stuff and answering emails. After lunch, it’s back to the word mines.

*Those being league finals on the 10th, Thanksgiving, and the day after Thanksgiving which will probably be spent with Arizona family.

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