Mount TBR Checkpoint #1

If my progress was a mountain, it would be:

Hayden ButteHayden Butte

Yep, not a mountain at all, but a substantial hill. It’s a nice 1/3 mile hike if you’re near downtown Tempe and out of things to do, but it’s not really mountain climbing.  Thus far, my Mount TBR progress had been on the hilly side as well. I’ve read 14 books thus far this year, but only two of them have been off my shelves.

A couple weekends ago I joined the Take Control read-a-thon and zipped through two translated works that I’ve owned for…a while. At least five years I’d say. I actually did start reading Leonardo’s Hands by Alois Hotschnig, which I had only owned for a year, but it just wasn’t working out for me. Instead I read Hitchhiking by Gabriele Eckart and Misreadings by Umberto Eco. Both were okay, but not great. I just posted reviews of both yesterday.

I have a lot of mountain left to read.

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