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Easter Read-a-thon

Easter Readathon
Hosted by Kate @ Nose in Book

Apparently, I just can’t resist a readathon. I’m also pretty bummed that I’ll be missing Dewey’s 24-hour readathon for the second time in a row. (My participation last spring was on the low side as well…) I’ve been making up for it ever since. ๐Ÿ˜‰


I’m going to keep it modest: 300 pages.

I have two books out from the library (Make that three. What’s the law that says that books on hold will all become available at the same time?):

  • Fooling Houdini by Alex Stone (starting at 82%) Finished!
  • Scoundrels by Timothy Zahn
  • The Way of the Wizard edited byย John Joseph Adams

And I still have my weekly reading to do:
Two chapters of A Storm of Swords, a poem, a section of Prose Edda, and I should probably get another Nebula short story nomination read.



Friday: Wasn’t in the mood to read, wasn’t in the mood to write; wasn’t in the mood to watch TV (even basketball), wasn’t in the mood to play EQ2. Did all in small amounts.

Saturday: The bad part about being a writer is that sometimes, you don’t want to have anything to do with words. Writing or reading them. Wasn’t in a Scoundrels mood so I moved on to The Way of the Wizard, an anthology that I really checked out for Peter S. Beagle’s “El Regalo.” And then, keeping with my tradition of not keeping to my lists, I picked up William Goldman’s Hype & Glory, which I just received from PaperbackSwap this past week.

Sunday: Lazy day. Read some. Gamed some. Cooked a bit.

Monday: Had to get work done on Monday despite some pretty heavy brain fog. Between naps, everything seemed to take much longer than usual. Didn’t reach my 300 page goal. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Stupid body.