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Adventures of the Writerly Writer ~ The First 5K…Again

Pop open a beer. I’ve drafted 5000 words on this novel…for the third time.

It’s been quite a week, writing-wise. I woke up last Saturday after not quite reaching the 25K mark on One Ahead and realized that my discontent with the story was not abating. I had written just over 44,000 words for NaNoWriMo knowing that a NaNoWriMo novel bares only passing resemblance to any actual novel. It would need a lot of work.

I took two months off from the project to finish up Luck for Hire and get it in submittable shape. In February, I continued to do research, and started restructuring and rewriting. That draft got to 14K. There was still something lacking. So, I added a character–Joseffy–in my then biggest deviation from history. That added about 10K to that draft, including a complete rewrite of a couple chapters that had no Joseffy in them. There are a few scenes in that draft that I really, really like. But still, the story I was telling was not the story I wanted to tell.

Last Saturday, I started over. I brainstormed a plot with Eric and we came up with something pretty good, but different than what I had before. Even the title, One Ahead, doesn’t really fit anymore. The full title from NaNo times was One Ahead Without Leaving the Parlor. David Abbott is certainly leaving the parlor in this new iteration. In fact, he goes to Iowa in chapter one.

Magicians of the world, forgive me. I’ll try to it all justice.

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2 thoughts on “Adventures of the Writerly Writer ~ The First 5K…Again

  1. Well congratulations, progress is progress and if all the reworking and rewriting is helping you to create something you are passionate about then that is a great thing.

    1. Thanks! Every novel has a journey. Thus far, this one’s resembles a cross-town trip by public transportation. If I’m lucky, we’ll make all the transfers without getting too lost.

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