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Adventures of the Writerly Writer ~ Plan? What plan?

I set some harebrained scheme of a schedule in my What Else post and then promptly deviated from it. I was shooting for something less than 5K a week, but still ambitious. It was reliant on working in five day rounds regardless of what day it was. It wasn’t going to happen. I’m hidebound to weekends, even if I do spend some time on weekends working. So, I’m going back to what was sort of working for me before we went to San Diego:

  • Monday: edits
  • Tuesday-Friday: write 4K
  • Saturday & Sunday: catch-up if needed, research

I’m sure that now that I’ve “said it out loud,” this plan will also last about 30-40 minutes.

Ended up adding 5K to the manuscript this week, about 4500 was new and about 500 was a scavenged scene from a previous draft. Grand total right now is 30K.

On the agenda for this weekend: Last weekend I wrote to S.A.M. contacts in Omaha and Chicago for any advice/recommended reading materials. I owe them emails back. I also need to add my touch to Eric’s rewrite of Luck for Hire‘s query letter.

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