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Sit Down and Write 4

Hosted by Michelle, The True Book Addict @ Stories Inside

The Sit Down and Write write-a-thons are for any writing you need to get done. If you’re working on a novel, a novella, or even short stories. If you have a ton of reviews to write coming off of any read-a-thons you might have just finished with, then this is for you too! Official dates and times: Monday, August 26 at 12:01am CST through Sunday, September 8 at 11:59pm CST (adjust times according to your time zone).

I had a scheme: Edit Monday, write 1000 words Tues-Fri, research Saturday, whatever on Sunday. According to that scheme my manuscript should be at 38,000 words right now. It’s not. It’s at 35,225. Why am I behind? Simply because I haven’t been sitting down and writing.

My goal is to get caught up (according previous goals) by the end of Sit Down and Write*: Reach 46,000 by Sept. 8th. Actually, I’m going to stretch it out a little to 47,000 by Tuesday Sept. 10th. I’m heading to Omaha on the 11th and it would be nice to be caught up by then. I’m also adding a stretch goal of 50K by the time I go to Omaha.

Can I keep up a NaNoWriMo pace for four days a week? You’d think, but I’m heading into the middle of this book. Middles are hard for me.

Why don’t I write every day? I’ve been doing this for 15 years. I know myself. It doesn’t work for me.

Other complicating factors:

  • I’m going to have work VOTS work to do. Draft is Monday night and league starts on the third, which means I’m going to have teams and a schedule to post, among other things.
  • I should also get one ahead on book reviews before heading to Omaha. This is a minor consideration.
  • Minecraft. Need to limit my Minecraft time. Larger consideration. That game is a total time suck.

* This is my first one, btw. I haven’t been very social in my writing because somewhere along the way, I got really tired of talking about writing!