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Fright-Fall Readathon 2013 & Bloggers Dressed in Blood

R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril and Gothic September were the beginning. October only gets better!

Fright-Fall Readathon 2013

Hosted by Michelle @ Seasons of Reading

All you have to do to participate is read at least one horror/scary book.  For the faint-hearted among you, it can be a spooky mystery, a scary thriller, or something classically gothic.

I’m currently working on The Seance Society by Michael Nethercott. Thus far, it hasn’t been too spooky. I’m hoping. Next up: A White Room by Stephanie Carrol. I’ve heard good things about it. Back up book: Magic by William Goldman. Yes, I’m going to rely on the author of The Princess Bride to get me through a horror challenge.

The Seance Society: A Mystery A White Room Magic

Bloggers Dressed in Blood

BloggersDressedInBloodtestJoin Steph at The Fake Steph and Danielle at Mercurial Musings and Kate at Midnight Book Girl for a month full of bookish terror and delight!

Bloggers Dressed in Blood begins on October 1, 2013.

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What Else in September

Writing Work

I’m just being a putz and not getting things done.

# of submissions for Luck for Hire: 6
# of responses: 2


Eric and I (mostly Eric at the moment) are working toward presenting Model Species and the rest of Weordan in a non-traditional publishing format.

Other Life Stuff

In the rear-view mirror, September seems fragmented and tiring. The trip to Omaha is part of it. September just seems to have been a very social month and it’s left me with a chronically low battery. Which is why I’m jumping into a readathon tomorrow…

Thankfully, the weather has cooled. Fans have been turned off. The water heater will soon be turned back on. Welcome autumn!

Books Obtained

Omaha Book Haul pretty much sums up my book buying in September.

Other Books I Want to Read

Linking Rings: William W. Durbin and the Magic and Mystery of AmericaAt Goodreads & the GPDL:

  • Extra Mile: A 21st century Pilgrimage by Peter Stanford
  • How to Read a Graveyard by Peter Stanford
  • Linking Rings: William W. Durbin and the Magic and Mystery of America by James David Robenalt
  • Magic: A Beginner’s Guide by Robert Ralley
  • Do You Believe in Magic? The Sense and Nonsense of Alternative Medicine by Paul A. Offit, M.D.