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FrightFall Readathon 2013

Hosted by Michelle @ Seasons of Reading

All you have to do to participate is read at least one horror/scary book. For the faint-hearted among you, it can be a spooky mystery, a scary thriller, or something classically gothic.


Read over 100 pages a day, which is definitely more than I usually read. Magic by William Goldman was my scary book selection and the only book I read cover-to-cover during the readathon. A White Room is currently ranking second in the horror category. Added over 5000 words to my manuscript, mostly rewrite, so I did pretty well with the second part of my goal as well. And I caught the Friday Twitter chat, a rarity for me! Thanks to Michelle for hosting!


Have fun. Finish a book or two and still get some writing done.

The List

The Seance Society: A Mystery
Finished the
last 85%
A White Room
Read the
first 1/3rd
Adventures of a Psychic: The Fascinating and Inspiring True-Life Story of One of America's Most Successful Clairvoyants
Finished last 65 pgs


Saturday, October 5th
Pages Read Today: 123
Total Pages Read: 780

    • A White Room pg 7-117
    • Who’s 50, pg 1-11

Total Added to Manuscript: Got about 700 words past what I lost.
Notes: Writing-wise, lost 300-ish word in a computer crash. Phooey. Made a good start into A White Room.

Saturday, October 5th
Pages Read Today: 114
Total Pages Read: 657

  • The Seance Society, pg 204-304
  • Who’s 50, pg 379-391

Total Added to Manuscript: 635 words
Notes: Read in the morning. Then I went for a very long run. Well, very long for me. It wore me out a bit.

Friday, October 4th
Pages Read Today: 120
Total Pages Read: 543

  • The Seance Society, pg 97-203
  • Who’s 50, pg 365-378

Total Added to Manuscript: A few hundred words, getting back into the swing of it.
Notes: Kind of a down day. My allergies have been acting up and I spent most of the afternoon napping on the couch between sneezing my lungs out. Should finish The Seance Society tomorrow.

Thursday, October 3rd
Pages Read Today: 109
Total Pages Read: 423

  • The Seance Society, pg 46-97
  • Who’s 50, pg vii-xv, 317-364

Total Added to Manuscript: 0 – Took a day off to regroup.
Notes: I made the mistake of browsing NetGalley. Who’s 50 was requested and quickly granted. I’ll probably be dipping into it and watching some Doctor Who during the rest of the readathon. And the rest of October.

Wednesday, October 2nd
Pages Read Today: 93
Total Pages Read: 314

  • Magic, pg 161-253

Total Added to Manuscript: 300 words, though I need to cut some words that I haven’t cut yet.
Notes: Finished Magic. Two games of ultimate frisbee. A few hundred words added to the manuscript as I redefine one of the characters.

Tuesday, October 1st
Pages Read Today: 110
Total Pages Read: 221

  • Magic, pg 51-160

Total Added to Manuscript: Just shy of 2000 words, mostly rewrite.
Notes: If I knew that tomorrow wasn’t going to be a bad writing day (it will be–two games of ultimate frisbee are scheduled), I’d have finished Magic tonight. Also sent off two queries.

Monday, September 30th
Pages Read Today: 111
Total Pages Read: 111

  • Magic, pg 5-50
  • Adventures of a Psychic, pg. 183-247

Total Added to Manuscript: 1532 words. Some new, some rewrite.
Notes: Sylvia Browne counts as scary, right? Magic is proving to be satisfyingly unsettling. 1500 words and 110 pages as well as a trip to Target and two naps. Not too shabby.