Bloggers Dressed In Blood Mini-Challenge: Freeze It!

Bloggers Dressed In Blood Mini-Challenge: Freeze It!

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Joey on Friends used to keep The Shining in the freezer because it scared him so much. For this challenge, I want you to share what book you’ve read that’s worthy of being put in the freezer and why you found it scary.

I don’t get too creeped out by books. Usually. Often, the scare will be situational, like when I was reading The Haunting of Hill House in college. My third-floor dorm room was right across from the stairway. I was reading the part when the entity in the house slams against the walls outside of Eleanor’s room when a group of floor mates returned from a raucous night out. I nearly jumped out of my skin…

But there is a book that did leave me very unsettled:

In the Dark

Nothing much happens to Jane Kerry, a young librarian. Then one day Jane finds an envelope containing a fifty-dollar bill and a note instructing her to “Look homeward, angel.” Jane pulls a copy of the Thomas Wolfe novel of that title off the shelf and finds a second envelope. This one contains a hundred-dollar bill and another clue. Both are signed, “MOG (Master of Games).” But this is no ordinary game. As it goes on, it requires more and more of Jane’s ingenuity, and pushes her into actions that she knows are crazy, immoral or criminal–and it becomes continually more dangerous. More than once, Jane must fight for her life, and she soon learns that MOG won’t let her quit this game. She’ll have to play to the bitter end.

Semi-omniscient MOG and Jane’s moral slide weirdly threw me for a loop. Maybe because the story starts in a library, something of a sacred place for me, or maybe because Jane’s just so normal, but whatever the case, Richard Laymon really wound me up with this book.

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